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online personal trainer certification  Bao Pu Cheng,
 Mr. Beijing 2004

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 online personal trainer certification



 online personal trainer certification










 online personal trainer certification





































 online personal trainer certification

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Online personal trainer certification courses by
American Muscle and Fitness Personal Training Institute

SgFitnessOnline.com is an international partner of American Muscle And Fitness Personal Training Institute (AMPFPT) offering their prestigious personal fitness instructor on line certification courses. SgFitnessOnline.com is also an affiliate of the Mister Singapore Organization.

All AMFPT Graduates receive a certificate from its institute, wallet card and a letter of recommendation. You also get listed on the AMFPT trainer's page.

Greg Ladd is AAU Mr. North America, AAU Mr. International, fitness expert, and President of American Muscle & Fitness. He has appeared on TV and in fitness magazines like Flex, Muscle & Fitness and Muscular Development. His experience as a health club manager, owner and personal trainer since 1980, has given him insights into the certification requirements gym managers look for.

Every aspect of certification required by gym owners and expected by clients is covered in the courses offered. American Muscle & Fitness has been certifying trainers and registered with Dun & Bradstreet since 1995, bringing you the very latest in exercise and fitness technology. The Institute is also accredited through the Georgia Perimeter College in Clarkson, Georgia, USA.

Preparing students to enter the work force is goal number one here. The support for graduates is among the best in the industry and you receive continuing education with the American Muscle & Fitness monthly newsletters.

If you have exercised and experimented with dieting yourself, you may have the ability to be a good fitness trainer. With AMFPT certification you get a step by step process to establish yourself as a trainer and ongoing support to answer all of your questions. It's a sure-fire way to start your career off on the right foot or take it to the next level. Experienced, working trainers who have never had the time to enroll in a certification course will find this program ideal. The words Certified Trainer can solidify your qualifications when presenting your services to potential clients or gym managers. Anyone who is already employed as a trainer at a health club, but feels the pressure from management to become certified, is a good candidate for AMFPT certification.

What are you waiting for? Just click here for more information and see what you can achieve!

personal trainer certification examiner
Gregory Ladd, President
American Muscle & Fitness

If you have exercised and experimented with dieting yourself, you may have the ability to be a good fitness trainer. With AMFPT certification you get a step by step process to establish yourself as a trainer and ongoing support to answer all of your questions. It's a sure-fire way to start your career off on the right foot or take it to the next level.

Experienced, working trainers who have never had the time to enroll in a certification course will find this program ideal. The words Certified Trainer can solidify your qualifications when presenting your services to potential clients or gym managers. Anyone who is already employed as a trainer at a health club, but feels the pressure from management to become certified, is a good candidate for AMFPT certification.

The online certification program was developed with your success in mind. It will benefit you by showing you how to earn an excellent income and get your personal training business up and running in a just a few days. You can earn up to $5000 per year for each client you train as an independent trainer. Average training fees can range from $25 to $100 per half-hour training session. Get the power and confidence you need to get started today with AMFPT ongoing personal support. It will help with training or business questions and is included with the program. Some other benefits to you are:

  • Immediate certification process.
  • Access the manuals and exams instantly on this website with a password and login ID (hard copies also available).
  • Take the exam whenever you're ready at home via E-mail.
  • Learn how to get, and keep, clients.
  • Ongoing support. *Proven routines, diets, and supplement handouts for you to use and give your clients.
  • Contracts, questionnaires, waiver forms, routines and diets you can use.
  • Affordable low tuition.

Click here to see course syllabus or enroll.

Online Personal Trainer Certificate

Q: Does the certificate say "online?"
No. The certificate is the same whether you take the online course or a live class.

Q: Do I get only one certificate or two when I enroll in any of the combo courses?
You receive a separate certificate for each course.

Q: Where do I send my exam?
You can e-mail it to exam@amfpt.com and amfpt@aol.com. You can also mail it to:

American Muscle & Fitness
765 Saffron
Webster, NY 14580

Faxed exams are not accepted.

Q: How quickly are the exams corrected?
Exams are generally corrected the same day they arrive and you are e-mailed the score.

Q: Is AMFPT a national certification?
Yes. American Muscle & Fitness trainer certification is considered a national and international certification. Over 4200 AMFPT certified trainers are in thirty countries worldwide. AMFPT trainers are working in every major health club chain in the US, including Gold's Gym, World Gym, Powerhouse Gym, LA fitness, Bally's and 24 Hour Fitness.

ACE, ACSM, ISSA and AMFPT are all independent education companies that offer training certificates to students. It is similar to Microsoft offering certificates to students who complete their training programs. While Microsoft is not a college, the training courses are accepted by industry. In the same way all the above trainer certification programs are accredited and the health industry accepts students who have successfully completed the programs as having demonstrated competence. AMFPT credits can be transferred to other college degrees.

All AMFPT Graduates receive a certificate, Letter of recommendation and wallet card that should compliment your resume.

Q: How can I check to make sure that this is a legitimate company and not a scam?
American Muscle & Fitness is registered with Dun & Bradstreet, a Wall Street accounting firm that acts as a watchdog on business. They keep up to date statistics on businesses. American Muscle & Fitness programs come with a money back guarantee and show you how to start your training business from A to Z. If you're not happy with the program for any reason, you will receive a full refund.

Q: I don't like to pay with my credit card online. Do you have a telephone number for paying purposes?
Yes. The phone number to enroll with is 800-253-5182.

Q: Is there a time limit for submitting my exam?
There is no time limit for submitting your exam.

Q: If I decide to take your certification, how quickly am I considered certified?
You are considered certified after your exam has been corrected and it is determined that you have passed. Exams are generally corrected the same day they arrive and your score is e-mailed to you. Some students submit their exam the same day they enroll, others come in years later.

Q: Can this verification be e-mailed or verified by phone?

Q: If I were to not pass the exam the first time do I have to pay the full price to take it again?
There is a $25 retesting fee, but since it is an open book test with no time limit, there is no reason anyone should not do well.

Q: Is there a renewal fee or more testing every year?
There is an annual renewal fee of $25, but no further testing is required.
To renew online using a credit card or check, simply go to AMFPT Annual Renewal. You can also renew by mail by sending a check or money order for $25 (New York State residents send $27.06) to:

American Muscle & Fitness
765 Saffron
Webster, NY 14580

Please include your name, address and certification date for faster processing.

Q: I lost my password and username for accessing the manual and exam. How do I get back to it?
Just go to: http://loginid.com

Testimonials from AMFPT Graduates

"I found the AMFPT course really convenient as the material can be studied and the exam taken any time, so there was no undue pressure. Also the fees are really affordable compared to other courses offered, so this will help those who are financially strapped to provide an additional avenue of income, which is really great! The handouts are really helpful for giving to clients and displaying my professionalism to them. Thanks!"
- Louisa Koh - Singapore

"I found work as a personal trainer immediately after graduating from American Muscle and Fitness Institute. Now I know how useful this certification is to my career as a fitness instructor."
- Phillip Phoon - Singapore

"Thanks so much for the great course. I found this course to be very thorough, with high-quality information presented in a concise manner. As an emergency physician and the director of a cardiac rehab and fitness center, I found the course very helpful. The personal fitness and training information presented in this course is far beyond what most physicians are taught, yet Greg Ladd presents the material in a clear and understandable fashion. I heartily recommend this course!"
- John Carson - MD. Yuma, AZ

"Thanks for the great program. I was impressed with the quality of information, and the practical insights you supplied. I also really think that the handouts are fantastic."
- Chris Hertzler - San Jose, CA

"Thanks for making the certification process sensible and quick. No driving an hour or two to take a test (half of it you don't even use). Your concern for your certified trainers shows by the time you take to answer phone calls when needed. A total class act."
- Stephen M. Purfeerst - Rockford, IL

"I recently got certified as a CFT and I must say it was the best decision of my life. Within the first few days I started training some clients and making good money. I'm very grateful for the opportunity and confidence given to me by your organization. I will represent the American Muscle & Fitness with pride, thank you."
- Luis Rodriguez - Fresh Meadows, NY

"Thank you for making certification easy. Your certification is great!"
- Kristi Mosley - Northport, AL

"This program gets an A+!"
- Tony Canceliere - Egg Harbor NJ

"Thanks, I liked this course!"
- Muhammad Ilyas - Flushing, NY

"Knowing what I know about personal training, this course is as informative as any other on the market. I would recommend it to anyone looking to become a certified personal trainer."
- Ron Kaisen - Loxahatchee Groves, FL

"You've made my life a lot easier by providing the forms, diets, routines, weight loss tips and everything. I'm having all my trainers take your certification!"
- Tina Durbin - President-Tryon Health & Fitness, Tryon, NC 828-859-5935

"I received your e-mail with congratulations on passing the exam. In a couple of days I also got the certificate and other papers. Everything was very professional, fast and convenient. Thank you again."
- Alexandr Choklin - Staten Island, NY

"I really enjoyed your course, it was recommended by a trainer friend of mine. As a former teacher (BS Education, M.Ed. Instructional Technology) I can honestly say that your material was well designed, nicely organized, and concise, yet thorough in covering all the material. Thank You."
- Jennifer Karasick-Masulis - Cleveland, OH

"Thanks to AMFPT, I have received the confidence and the necessary certification to become a personal fitness trainer! At first, I was timid about the certification, thinking that the ones that require a weekend retreat were crucial to my career. Of course, those certifications are NOT necessary to land a job as a personal trainer in almost all the gyms! I have just been offered three job offers the same day I received this certification. Thanks to Greg and his excellent course, I am now able to train clients with the added benefit that Greg has given me numerous techniques and secrets in a way that is very easy to understand."
- Nivedita Jerath - Augusta, GA

"Thanks a lot!!!! After getting my certificate in the mail 3 days later I was working full time as a trainer at L.A. Fitness. Thanks a bunch - you rule."
- Joe Schroeder - North Wales, PA

"I am sending you a magazine with an ad that features me as one of your certified trainers. So far your certification has landed me many prosperous opportunities. Thank you once again. I think what you have done for all of us fit minded people is spectacular!!!!"
- Constance Bickel - Ocala, FL

"Sgfitness accepted my application for a personal trainer job when I produced my American Muscle and Fitness Certificate. Thank you AMFPT and Sgfitness."
- Tan Hanming - Singapore

"The courses were extremely informative and practical. You really have a quality product. They were both concise yet packed with the type of information you need (without the superfluous) Thanks again."
- Lee Tucker - Ocala, FL

"The course was great! The Kickboxing Aerobics Instructor certification was very convenient with very good material to learn and follow. Thanks for making the certification process so fast."
- Johnny E. Guardiola - Hatillo, Puerto Rico

"Thank you for your certification. I now work as a head trainer @ Kaiser Permanente in Oakland California. We train Corporate Employees of Kaiser. I love my job and thanks to you I am living a dream. I am getting a co-worker into your program as she is amazed with your web site."
Thanks Again,
- Noah Hinkston - Oakland, California

"Dear Mr. Turull (NY City Class Instructor), Want to say thanks again for everything. I just want to say that it's because of you, I've found new success. I have my own clientele now, even have some at Trump Plaza, where I've trained with Derek Jeter training right along side of me. Halle Berrie was on her way in as I was on my way out, so it's been quite exciting for me to see the other side of celebs when they're not in the fashion realm. Again my success is contributed to you and I know your used to the glitz and glam of PT."
Thanks, Sincerely,
- Yosiah L. Israel - Bronx NY

"Mr. Ladd, I really enjoyed your course. I found it to full of great advice that I can use for clients as well as myself. It was easy and very informative. I am now looking forward to a career in personal training. Thanks for everything!"
- Dave Lehman - Leechburg, PA

"Mr. Ladd, I would like to "Thank You" for the wonderful programs that you have available. I took the Personal Trainer/Sports Nutritionist combination course, and found it very informative and easy to understand. I am looking forward to starting my new career in the fitness field."
Thank you again,
- Janis L. Kruger - Auburn, CA

"I meant to thank you for the processing time beginning with the exam to receiving my certification card and recommendation letter. I am extremely appreciative that I did not have to go through months of training to begin working as a personal trainer. I will be forever grateful."
- Devona Smith - Elk Grove, CA

"Thank you for your quick response on the grading of my certification test. I'm glad there is a reasonable price test to take, not only that you can take the test online, and be notified of your status; whether pass or fail. Thank You AMFPT for being there for PT's that really don't have a lot of money to spend on a certification. I recommend this PT Course to anyone who wants to start a career in Personal Fitness."
- Mark Lowery - Atlanta, GA

"Thank you so much for sending the results. I'm happy that I passed. The diploma is beautiful. Can't wait to get started. Also thanks for the new card. I enjoy using the program for both PILATES and FITNESS TRAINING. I have 10 children and this program has helped me to shape up in spite of me being almost 50 and having given birth to and raising 10 healthy children. Lots of love and God Bless you."
- Teresita Cagle - London, England

"I loved the course...very informative."
- Vicki Hooks - Little Rock, AR

"Your Personal Trainer Certification course was exactly want I needed to learn everything necessary to get certified and hired as a Certified Personal Trainer. Club Curvaceous, "Fitness For Her" hired me the day I showed them the "A" I got on my exam. The personal trainer course is through, motivational, comprehensive, thought provoking, and packed with current training information that really works. I love my job."
Thank you for everything.
- Dennis R. Arnold - Garland, Texas

"Thank you, so much!!!!! Your certification program is so great!!! I have been training for over 12 years. I just didn't have the national certification. I have already gotten hired a club. I need your certification to secure the position. I am really thankful this Program. It was convenient for me to study at home in my spare. That was important, because I have a busy schedule. The manual is clear and simple to follow."
Thanks Again.
- Maxcyne Duvishelle - Creve Coeur MO

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend American Muscle & Fitness Kickboxing Aerobics classes, to everyone who would like to be an Aerobics Instructor. I have learned so much in such a short time. Studying and working at my own pace, was perfect for my busy schedule. I am delighted to report to you that one of the local gym's has already ask would I be interested in working as a trainer. I strongly recommend this class, I am sure you will be more than satisfied with your performance. Again, it was a pleasure working with you, can't wait to begin the next class at AMFPT."
- John Lall - Hollywood Florida

Click here to see course syllabus or enroll.

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